Vehicle Flyer Distribution

vehicle flyer distribution

Car Park leaflet Distribution


Car Park Leafleting is a simple but effective method of marketing but is quite time consuming. The reason it is so effective is because car owners would find it very hard to ignore a leaflet on their windscreen.


This is very popular way of marketing for all types of business, especially companies who deal in the motor vehicle industry. Although It’s not always these types of companies that opt for this type of distribution, companies that are looking for new customers with disposable income find that people with cars are the perfect target audience.


We can conduct the distribution in any way you wish to target the potential customers. We can target public car parks outside supermarkets or stores of your choice. We will do this to several car parks throughout the day and return to the same car parks at intervals to put the leaflet on new cars that pull in there.

We can also target cars that are situated in streets as well.


If your company is to do with the vehicle industry and you are looking to target certain makes or models / vans / company vehicles we can accommodate your needs .


Whatever your needs we can help you with your distribution no matter which city/town/location.


Prices start at £89 per 1000




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Leaflet Distribution is a tried and tested method of advertising for businesses large and small. National Leaflet Distribution are a professional leaflet distribution company that operate throughout the UK.