Hand to Hand Leaflet Distribution

hand to hand leaflet distribution

Hand to Hand Flyer Distribution

We have all seen people in towns and city centres handing out leaflets to members of the public. Companies find this to be a great way to get their leaflets into the publics’ hands as it can have an instant reaction!

Our smart profession members of staff will hand out your marketing material into towns and cities of your choice. We can also hand out leaflets in shopping centres and during events. They will always hand out your leaflets with a smile on their faces and will always be polite.

The teams all wear smart trousers and top for the distribution but we can wear uniforms or t-shirts of your choosing. We can even wear costumes if you find that it will help with the distribution.

Each individual can get out around 3000 leaflets in 1 day, this is based on the team member handing them out in the city centre on a weekday. The team can get out more on a weekend day due to there being more people being in the city centre. Please be advised that the numbers can vary depending on the time of year and weather.

We never charge per hour or day for this type of distribution, we always charge by how many leaflets we are contracted to hand out.

You will have full control of where your distribution will take place.

Prices for this service is £45 per 1000



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Leaflet Distribution is a tried and tested method of advertising for businesses large and small. National Leaflet Distribution are a professional leaflet distribution company that operate throughout the UK.